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Innovations in Biological Cancer Therapy


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Innovations in Biological Cancer Therapy


Innovations in biological cancer therapy describes vividly a non-toxic holistic medical approach to cancer therapies. This book is a valuable source of information for all those who have to deal with cancer, cancer prevention and holistic medicine. What prompted me to write this book is the experience I have gained in treating cancer with biological methods over the last 25 years. I would like to encourage cancer patients and impart to them that this disease, no matter how devastating it is when first diagnosed, does not automatically have to be a death sentence. And I would also like to show, that there are ways and means in the biological treatment of cancer to alleviate and even heal the disease. This book is based on the experience and results I have gained with my patients. Biological cancer therapies like hyperthermia, electro cancer therapy, prostate hyperthermia, insulin potentation therapy - low dose chemotherapy and many more are explained and illustrated. And I would like to encourage readers of this book to tackle the disease and intensively try to find their own way of dealing with it.


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